About – Beatrice Spence

Beatrice Spence is a professional blogger, technology lover and writer. Her passion lies with blogging and the web. She has been writing since 2007 and has had several successful websites. She writes about both her technical and editorial knowledge, she has this unique ability to combine the two in ways that are most helpful to readers looking for answers.

Beatrice spends most of her time writing about technology. Calling herself a ‘tech blogger’ might not be entirely accurate because she also writes about lifestyle, computer, software and graphics, but you get the idea. She was born in South Africa and moved to the US when she was 10. After a stint at Cornell University studying computer science, she decided to switch course and study Economics at Oxford University.

She strives to share her knowledge through a friendly voice and intelligent approach, allowing others to learn from her life experiences at the same time.

Beatrice Spence is a writer, blogger, technology consultant and program manager who focuses on communicating software solutions in digital form through the use of blogs, social media and online communities. She also works with businesses to help them create or improve their content management systems using techniques such as wikis and blogs.

Beatrice Spence blogs about computing, software and graphics. Beatrice is a writer, entrepreneur, and blogger who also runs an engagement marketing agency.